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Mr. Carlyon's Christmas

by Randolph Caldecott

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21st December. - Invitation from Squire Wood to spend Christmas at Marley Hall.
Sent for hackney coach and started at once.

Found a seat on the Red Chester coach.

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23rd December. - Delayed by deep snow on roads in Shropshire.  Had to push behind.

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At Dodington Side-bar met by old family servant with gig.  Little way up lane stopped by two highwaymen.

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Overthrew the highwaymen, captured them, and dragged them before a neighbouring justice of the peace.

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Arrived at Marley Hall late.  Hearty welcome from Squire.  Noticed that one of the guests, who seems a sort of country buck, took an instant aversion to me.  Overheard him say that he hates town fops.

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