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Randolph Caldecott contributed pictures and illustrated stories to "The Graphic" until his death in 1886.  Original pages of these are still occasionally on sale.  For compilations of them in book form, see our Works page or click the "Up" button.

A typical Caldecott story in the Graphic is "Mr Carlyon's Christmas".  For this story and all of its pictures, click on the buttons below.

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About the story

First published in the Graphic, December 1881; reprinted in Randolph Caldecott's "Graphic" Pictures (1883), The Complete Collection of Randolph Caldecott's contributions to the "Graphic" (1888) and Randolph Caldecott's "Graphic" Pictures, Complete Edition (1891).  Its sequel, "Diana Wood's Wedding", was published two years later, in December 1883.

Marley Hall, in Cheshire, is still shown on maps: about 4 miles North-East of Whitchurch and South of Cholmondeley Castle.  See target="_blank"
Sadly, however, the Hall was demolished in the 1950's.  A farmhouse now stands on the approximate site of the original Hall.

In the Victorian editions of this story, the pictures were of varying sizes, some as big as a full A4 page - stretching the then-available colour-block-printing technology to its limits.  To keep download times reasonable, our web versions are much smaller but we have not varied the sizes as Randolph did.  Larger versions of all the pictures can be viewed by clicking on them.

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