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Greetings Cards from Caldecott's pictures

Many of Randolph Caldecott's pictures have been used in Christmas (and other greetings) cards.  Cards using his illustrations have been published by (among others) the Caldecott Foundation, The Victoria & Albert and other Museums: if you wish to buy pre-printed cards, contact them to see what is available this year.

If you would like to produce your own, you may copy these:

(One of Randolph's illustrations from Old Christmas, by Washington Irving.)
For a larger version, without border or artist's name, click
Diana Wood's Wedding, coaches returning from church [Click on this picture for a larger version.]
(From "Diana Wood's Wedding", published in The Graphic and also in More Graphic Pictures, 1887.)
Mr Oakball's last party as a bachelor The text under this picture (which you may wish to include on your card) is:
"With the prospect of a happy and delicious future, when he can have pictures copied and geese minded in the sweetest manner as often as he may wish, he recovered his spirits, and gave his last bachelor's party.  (This scene is drawn from recollection only.)"
- Randolph hints that he was present but in no fit state to be drawing pictures!  His bearded face is just visible 3rd left, behind the host's upraised arm.
[Click on this picture for a larger version.]
(From "Mr. Oakball's Winter in Florence", published in The Graphic, Dec 1882,
Curmudgeons' Christmas (R Caldecott, publ, Dec 1885) [Click on this picture for a larger version.]
(From "The Curmudgeons' Christmas", published in The Graphic, Dec 1885, just 2 months before Randolph Caldecott died.)

A number of other Christmassy scenes appear in Randolph's story "Mr Carlyon's Christmas".  The whole story, with all its pictures, is on this website: start here.  

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