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This page gives info on some items named after Randolph Caldecott.

The Randolph Caldecott Medal (USA)

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The Randolph Caldecott Prize (UK)

This Prize is awarded annually, by this Society, at the UK's only Higher Education College which runs a Course on Children's Book Illustration:  the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI), Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales.

In 2004, the judges awarded equal votes to two contestants, and it was decided that the Prize should be divided equally between them.  They were:
Click to enlarge (40 kB) The Queen of Hearts, by Fiona Maund (joint winner of 2004 Caldecott Prize)Fiona Maund, for a suitably haughty, but beautifully depicted Queen of Hearts, displaying her tarts to the viewer.  The detail on her crown and embroidered sleeves, decorated with hearts on lace, would satisfy any little girls having aspirations to Royalty.
(To find out more about her work, contact )
Nadja Sarell, who also depicted a character, The Knave of Hearts, from the same Nursery Rhyme.  His saucy grin and twinkling eyes caused laughter amongst members as they noticed the detail of  the scattering of the tarts.  He ran so fast that his pointed shoe flew off.
A third contestant was only one vote behind the joint winners, and her work too was so excellent that the judges awarded her a "Highly Commended" with a gift of a book.  She was:
Anne Robinson.  Her most unusual, three dimensional box design was reminiscent of stage-design in miniature.  Her chosen subject was "A Farmer went Trotting upon his Grey Mare".  This piece drew gasps of admiration for its originality and lively depiction of the accident caused by the croak of a raven in a nearby tree.  The colouring was very lively, the redness of the background against the choice of blue and greys served to dramatise the sinister and scary nature of the scene.

Above: The 3 winning entries for the 2004 Prize.

The winner in 2003 was Heather Allen.  See examples of her work at


The Caldecott Foundation
(previously called the Caldecott Community)

Late in the nineteenth century, a woman in the East End of London named Leila Rendel established a refuge for homeless and unwanted children: the St Pancras Day Nursery.  She had about a dozen whom she educated and cared for until they were old enough to fend for themselves.  She decorated the walls of their bedroom and nursery with friezes of Randolph Caldecott nursery rhyme pictures and when the time came for the organisation to be named she chose "The Caldecott Community":  it was formally founded in 1911.  In due course it became prudent to move the home out of London and she managed to secure a lease of Mersham-le-Hatch, the country house in Kent of the Knatchbull family.  The organisation has grown considerably since those days, and eventually changed its name from "Community" to "Foundation".  More recently still, they have moved again, and are now at Caldecott House, Smeeth: see full address below.  They continue to be a substantial Charity, with a turnover exceeding GB£ 7 Million per year.  Their Founder, Leila Rendel, was also a Governor of Gordonstoun School.

The Knatchbulls were connected to Jane Austen through her niece, Fanny (née Knight because Jane's brother Edward was adopted by the Knights of Godmersham as their heir), who married a Knatchbull.  The Knatchbulls were also connected to the Mountbattens.

The R C Soc UK visited Mersham-le-Hatch some years ago.

(Source: Charles Caldecott, OBE, former Treasurer of R C Soc UK, Dec 2000; updated Aug 2004.)

Address:  The Caldecott Foundation, Caldecott House, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent, TN25 6SP, England.
Phone: (01303) 815678.
Registered Charity No. 307889
Web site:

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