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The Caldecott Family Tree

Our version of the Family Tree goes from about 1300 to 1985.  You may view it in 4 parts by clicking the 4 quarters below.  Each quarter is 110-160kB in size so may take a while to download if you're using a slow phone line.
  A B C D
1 Caldecott Family Tree, Top Left quarter (c) 1985 R C Soc UK Caldecott Family Tree, Top Right quarter (c) 1985 R C Soc UK
3 Caldecott Family Tree, Bottom Left quarter (c) 1985 R C Soc UK Caldecott Family Tree, Bottom Right quarter (c) 1985 R C Soc UK

If you would prefer to order a paper copy, approx A2 size, visit our "Services" page or click here.

If you know of any additions or corrections which need to be made to this Family Tree, please tell us.  To help us to locate the part of the Tree concerned, indicate the area using the "grid" shown above - eg 

"C2" for John Caldecott, father of Randolph, born 30.05.1813.
"A3" for Randolph Caldecott.

Please tell us who you are and the source of the info, and Email us at
To see the amendments which we know about so far, click here or on the Amendments button below.

Our thanks to our member Clive Dalby, who compiled this Family Tree for us in 1985 (by hand, before the days when Personal Computers were common!), and to the other members who supplied information.  Three primary sources which were used were:

The "Visitation" to Cheshire of 1613 by King James I;
Ormerod's "Cheshire", circa 1805, chapter on the Caldecotts;
Family Bible of Randolph Caldecott's family.

Family Tree of Thomas Caldecott (1774-1833) & descendants to 2001: 
click "Coulthard" button below.

Downloadable .GED file: for info, click here.

Online file of Caldecott Family Tree: for info, click here.

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