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"To the hard-up gentry:
People who like being shewn over princely mansions would probably also like to stare at their noble owners.  
Money might be made by this suggestion."

(Note: we are not involved in these sales and cannot comment on conditions or prices of the items mentioned.)

"A Courting Couple"  (watercolour, 6 x 4˝ inches).
For details and illustration, click on
Caldecott’s Graphic Pictures (1883)
This copy has soft covers and the pages are virtually immaculate.  For more details, phone Mrs. Pamela Temple on 01932 223 097.

If you have any item by Randolph Caldecott which you wish to sell AND it is NOT being sold & advertised on ebay or (in the case of a book) on abebooks, then tell us about it and we will happily put it on this page.  No charge, but please tell us when it has been sold and what price you actually got for it so that we can add this to our list on the "buying" page.

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