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Memorials to Randolph Caldecott

St Paul's Cathedral, London, England

Click here for a larger version (21kB)Memorial in the Crypt, in the far right-hand corner of the OBE Chapel.  The memorial is about 6 feet high, and shows a life-size child standing sorrowfully, holding a medallion with a bas-relief image of Randolph Caldecott.  Unusually, the child's clothing and head-dress are made of aluminium.  The child is in Breton costume, recalling the book Breton Folk whose many illustrations helped to make Randolph Caldecott famous.
To find the Memorial, follow the signs to William Blake's memorial, and it's about 3 metres to the right of this.

(The memorial was designed by Alfred Gilbert, RA, and paid-for by Randolph's many friends.  Randolph's brother, Rev. Alfred Caldecott, DD, was a Canon of St Paul's, which may have helped!  This picture of it is reproduced from the "Westminster Budget", 4 Sept 1896.  Alfred Gilbert also designed the monument to Lord Shaftesbury, better known as Eros, in Piccadilly Circus, London, which is also made of aluminium.)

For a colour picture of the Caldecott Memorial at St Paul's, click here.

You can get directly into the Crypt.  Don't go up the main steps to the Cathedral, but go round to the side door to the left of these steps, signposted to the shop and restaurant.  But you will still be expected to pay to get beyond these to the memorials.


46 Great Russell Street, London WC2, England

Caldecott's home at 46 Great Russell Street, London CaldHseLdn03923b.jpg (52049 bytes) CaldPlaqueLdn03923.jpg (115687 bytes)

Blue Plaque where Randolph lived
(almost opposite the entrance to the British Museum).
(Photos taken Sept 2003: appropriately, the shop on the ground floor is now a seller of 19th Century books.)

Chester, England

Click here for a larger version (58kB)Commemorative plaque at Randolph Caldecott's birthplace, 16 Bridge Street in The Rows (at first-floor level).
(When Randolph lived here, it was number 150.)

Click here for larger version (82kB)Memorial plaque in Chester Cathedral, North-West Apse.


St Augustine, Florida, USA

Click here for larger picture (158 kB)Randolph Caldecott's Grave
Evergreen Cemetery, 505 North Rodriquez Street.
(maintained by the Randolph Caldecott Society of America, who produced this picture and provided the directions below.  For more about them, see our "Links" page.)
For a map, click this link:
How to get there from downtown St Augustine:
Go west on King Street, cross railroad tracks and turn right on Rodriquez Street which joins Pearl Street.
Opening hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, 7 days/week.
On entering the cemetery there is an office with a small parking lot to the left and signs directing folks to Randolph's grave.

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