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Our site does not contain a comprehensive list of all Randolph's works, let alone text from all the books which he illustrated!  A fuller list of his works is shown on the RC Soc USA's site: see our Links page or click here.  They are also listed (with just one or two omissions) in the Appendix to the book "Randolph Caldecott: Lord of the Nursery" described on our "Find out more" page: click here.
The Search engine is very pedantic: it will only look for the exact spelling you have used.  So make sure you spell what you want correctly, even including foreign accents if any (eg "scenes" is different from the French "scènes").
The Search facility will not be able to find names of all Caldecott family members in our Family Tree, because the complete version is stored as a graphical image.  We have begun to copy the Family Tree to separate pages plus a .GED database file, but so far only a few names have been entered.  The rest will take time!
Some Frequently Asked Questions are answered on our "Questions" page: click here.

If you can't find the answer to your question by searching the site, ask us.  Email .

(This facility, added on 17 April 2001, was improved on 31 Oct 2001.  We would welcome your comments on how well it works: contact us by emailing the address at the bottom of this page.)

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