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Click on this for a larger version"Caldecott Sketch" Newsletter

This is published twice a year, and includes:
Articles, News items and Correspondence of interest to members
Details of forthcoming meetings & events
Notices of forthcoming sales of items by, or about, Randolph Caldecott.


Each year, we organise a visit to an area which was significant to Randolph Caldecott's life or work.  For example:
2005: London: visits to V&A Museum to see some of Randolph's original Sketch Books; to Leighton House for which he designed murals; and to his Memorial at St Paul's Cathedral.
2004: Guided Literary Walk in Chester.
2003:  visit to Kent, in June.  Tunbridge Wells, Chelsfield, Kemsing.
2002:  visits to Rode Hall, Cheshire (which has connections with both Randolph Caldecott 
and Walter Crane), and to Harrogate, Yorkshire.  
2001:  visit to Buxton, in the Peak District of Derbyshire, in May.  For details click here.  

For the programme or to join a future event, contact our Secretary.

Other Meetings

Apart from the Annual Meetings, another regular meeting is held on the anniversary of Randolph's birth, concluding with Evensong in Chester Cathedral and the laying of flowers at Randolph's memorial there.  For reports or photos of some forthcoming or recent meetings, click one of these:
    Meetings    Kent, June 2003    Rode Hall 

Our 1996 Annual Meeting included a fascinating talk which is available for FREE download: click here.

Other meetings may be held at various times and venues during the year.

Free admission to Book Fairs

This Society is a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies, , and hence all our members are entitled to free admission to the three Book Fairs run each year by the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (ABA).  Normal prices are shown below:
Where When Day 1 Day 2 More details
Chelsea, London, England:
Old Town Hall
4-5 Nov 05 £5 £3
Olympia, London, England:
Exhibition Centre
9-12 June 05 £15 £10
Edinburgh, Scotland:
Assembly Rooms
25-26 March 05 (free) (free)

Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of those who use this website and of those who contact us, whether or not they are members of our Society.  Details of our Privacy Policy are sent to all prospective members.  
For further information about our Privacy Policy, click here or on the "Privacy Policy" button at the bottom of this page.

Randolph Caldecott Trust

For details, click here or on the "R C Trust" button at the bottom of this page.


The Society has a Research Officer, Barbara Howard, who follows up many lines of enquiry for us and to whom we gratefully owe the rediscovery of much of the information on this Website.  Members are able to contact her with their queries about anything connected with Randolph Caldecott.

A separate area of interest is for those who are related to the Caldecott family.  We try to advise members in reply to queries in this field.  (See also "Family Tree" below on this page.)

Fellow members

Members are provided with a Directory of fellow members, so that, whether or not they are able to attend meetings, they can contact one another on matters of common interest, such as genealogy research or sharing information about availability of works by Randolph Caldecott.  (In accordance with the Data Protection Act, only those details which members are willing to share with fellow-members are included.)


For info on how to obtain our free information leaflet about Randolph Caldecott and the Society, click here.


Pedigree / Family Tree

The Society has a beautifully-drawn Family Tree, A2 size, showing the Family Crest (black-and-white only, sorry!) and Randolph Caldecott's ancestors and relatives  from about 1300 (the reign of King Edward II or earlier) to 1985.  Compiled by C G Dalby in 1985.  Copies may be obtained from our Treasurer, price GB£ 2.00 inc P&P.  (If you are buying from the USA, please send US $5 for one or $8 for two copies.  Payment in bills please because we have no credit card facility and cheques in foreign currency cost too much to encash.)

If you prefer to view this Family Tree on-screen (but remember, it's BIG!), click here.

Randolph Caldecott Society UK tiesTies

Two versions are available, red or blue.  Each has a slightly different variation of the R C Soc "Knight with quillpen" logo.  (To see either logo in more detail, click on it in the picture on the right.)
Price GB£ 6.00 each, inc P&P, from our Treasurer.

How to order

To buy Pedigrees or Ties, send your cheque with a letter saying what you require and giving your name & address to:

Mr R Evers,
Treasurer, Randolph Caldecott Society UK,
Boundary Cottage, Mulsford Lane,
Worthenbury, Wrexham,
LL13 0AW

How to join the Society

For how to join, click here.

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