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Caldecott Coat of Arms: click here for larger versionRandolph Caldecott's Family

Randolph Caldecott was born on 22 March 1846.  His parents were: 

John Caldecott 
(b 30.5.1813 at Chorlton Old Hall, Malpas, Cheshire
   [for a picture of the house, click here]; 
d 17.12.1875 at 19 Pepper Street, Chester) 
Mary Dinah Caldecott (née Brookes) (b 9.3.1821).
They married on 27.9.1842 
at St John's Church (Manchester?)

Click here for larger Caldecott family Motto (25kB)Randolph was one of seven children:

  1. John George Caldecott (b 23.6.1843, d in S Africa 19.6.1879)
  2. William Brookes Caldecott (b 31.8.1844, d 27.8.1846 of convulsions, aged 2)
  3. Randolph Caldecott (b 22.3.1846, d in Florida USA 12.2.1886)
  4. Sophia Caldecott (b 6.2.1848, d 23.4.1929)
  5. Elizabeth Caldecott (b 30.11.1849, d 13.1.1850 aged 6 weeks 2 days)
  6. Alfred Caldecott (b 9.11.1850, d 1941)
  7. Harold Caldecott (b 14.4.1852, d 11.9.1871)

His mother Mary died on 21st Aug1852 and was buried at Tilston.  His father, John, married again, on 7.12.1854 at Manchester Cathedral:  his second wife was Maria (née Guest) (b 5.10.1825 in Chester, d 15.4.1901 also in Chester).  They had 6 more children!  So Randolph had 6 full siblings (although 2 died in infancy), plus 6 more step-siblings.

Randolph married Marian Harriet Brind, of Chelsfield, Kent, England, on 18th March 1880.  They had no children.  For more about her and her family, click here or on the "Brind" button at the foot of this page.

Detail from picture in Fox Jumps Over Parson's Gate: click for full pic. (153 kB)A number of gravestones of Caldecotts, thought to be ancestors of Randolph Caldecott, are in the churchyard at Shocklach, Cheshire, West of Malpas and near the Welsh border.  This picture (from The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate) was thought to depict one of them, possibly with Randolph himself as a child sitting on it.  For the one-inch Ordnance Survey map of the area, see
To this day (2005), there is a "Caldecott Hall" at the Northern edge of this map, just North of Shocklach village.  However, several members of this Society visited the churchyard in March 2005, checked all four of the Caldecott gravestones and all other visible gravestones, but could not find a reference to "Lancelot Caldecott" nor a stone which looked like this one.  The church depicted in Randolph's picture is probably the Parish Church at Frensham, Surrey, near where Randolph & his wife lived in the 1880's.

At Malpas, Cheshire, the Parish Church, St. Oswald's, has a memorial stone (1874) to churchwarden C. C. Caldecott.  The church itself is depicted by Randolph in Ride a Cock Horse, The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate and Baby Bunting.

For more details about Randolph’s family, going back to about 1300 and forward to 1985, see the "Caldecott Pedigree" (Family Tree or Genealogy).  To find out more, click here or on the "Family Tree" button at the foot of this page; to order a paper copy, go to our "Services" page.

For a website with a discussion forum about Caldecott family genealogy, and for other more general websites on Family History and Genealogy, see our Links page.

Coat of Arms

The Caldecott Coat of Arms at the top of this page is based on the Heraldic Description:
"Arms:  Argent, a fess Azure fretted Or between three Cinquefoils Gules.
 Crest:  On a wreath an Ostrich proper."
For Randolph's Cartoon exploiting the Coat of Arms and Crest, click here.

This interpretation of it was painted by the R C Soc UK's first Chairman, John Victor Caldecott Anthony OBE FRICS (b 23.12.1912, d 6. 2. 2001). © 1982 J V C Anthony.

Family Motto

Below the Coat of Arms, the Family Motto "In Utrumque Paratus" means "Prepared in every way".
A secondary family motto is "Cassis tutissima virtum": The safest helmet (or protection) is Virtue".

Our thanks to our member Judith Coultard for the picture of it above.

Family Tree Brind Alfred

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